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Raspberry Pi: some interesting links

A quick one for you. Here are some links to interesting RPi sites:
(I will keep this page updated with more resources as I find them, hence please do check back)

www.raspberrypi.org - main RPi site

www.raspberry-pi.co.uk - intro to Python on the RPi, lots of good news articles including a list of compatible SD cards (they beat me to it). Also info on the Fedora Remix distribution.

www.themagpi.com - a free monthly magazine on the RPi (how awesome is that). It is a really good read and very professionally put together.

www.raspbmc.com - a project to create a small Linux distro that boots into XBMC providing you with a one-stop media centre.

www.openelec.tv/news/item/241-openelec-meets-raspberry-pi-part-1 - OpenELEC is also a self-bootable Linux distro that provides XBMC support. You can either build it yourself (as I am doing now as I type), or download one of their builds directly from a kindly bod named James Newman to save on all that build time: www.numan1617.com/rpi/openelec/builds . Oh and Part 2 of the OpenElEC instructions can be found at: www.openelec.tv/news/item/242-openelec-meets-raspberry-pi-part-2 .