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Ethical Policy

At Ethical WebSites the environment and social justice are important to the way that we do business.

We are concerned by environmental damage and encouraged by the progress being made to reverse this - something that we enjoy being part of.

We believe that social responsibility is also of the utmost importance - the ethics of undertaking any project are carefully considered before we agree to go ahead.

Ethical WebSites stands by our Ethical Policy and has on occasion turned down potential work because of one or more ethical or social issues.

Our pledge

We will always be considerate of the environment, our clients and other members of the community when conducting business and pledge to:
  1. be honest with our suppliers and our clients at all times;
  2. whenever possible support charitable and voluntary organisations by offering reduced rates on commissioned work;
  3. design sites taking into account disabled access;
  4. minimise resource consumption and use reclaimed and recycled materials whenever possible;
  5. use and promote public transport whenever practicable;
  6. recycle as much of our waste as is possible;
  7. not purchase products manufactured from tropical hardwoods;
  8. buy products that do not exploit those that manufactured them;
  9. listen to and act on suggestions as to how we may undertake ongoing improvement;
  10. not outsource work to companies that cannot demonstrate a commitment to the human rights of their employees by paying fair wages and providing fair working conditions;
  11. treat all whom we work alongside with respect, and challenge discrimination and other unfair practices whenever we encounter them during our course of work;
  12. not undertake work for organisations promoting fictitious medical modalities such as homeopathy, acupuncture or therapeutic touch. Ethical WebSites firmly endorses science-based medicine: www.sciencebasedmedicine.org.

At Ethical WebSites we actively seek out companies, organisations and individuals whose attitudes to the environment are compatible with ours.

If you have any comments regarding our ethical policy, please contact us directly.