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Web in a Box

Beautiful templates, advanced features and quick turnaround, all designed to provide you with a cost effective solution to make you smile. [more...]

Registered Charities receive a 10% discount.

Raspberry Pi - arrives on my desk

A week ago I was able to order a Raspberry Pi, a low cost (as in all-in with cables and SD card only about £40). It is the logical successor to the BBC Micro and ZX Spectrum - and is an absolute joy to use. So much so that I have set up a dedicated page on all things Pi.

10% Charity discount

Ethical WebSites is pleased to be able to confirm that our 10% discount on web design and development work for registered charities will be extended throughout 2012.

Ethical WebSites launches new site

Ethical WebSites has completely revamped our website.

EWS Privacy Policy updated

With the launch of our new website we have also taken the opportunity to revise our Privacy Policy. We ask all of site visitors to read the updated policy. Please contact us if you have any queries relating the the new policy.

ExtTLD - when Ethics meets Software Development

We came across ExtTLD the other day.

Of particular interest is that, like Ethical WebSites, exttld.com places issues relating to ethics and the environment quite literally in the core of their business model. Their Terms of Use makes specific reference to important issues, and agreement with this unique license is required before downloading their software.

Ethical WebSites highly commends the ethical stance taken by this web site. We have often heard the comment that ethics and IT should be kept separate, and that software is purely "functional" and has no intrinsic responsibility to anyone or any thing. We feel the exact opposite is true - consider the documented examples of Yahoo providing information to the Chinese authorities. Computer software and ethics are intrinsically linked and it is important that the creation of the former is not undertaken without consideration of the latter.

Ethical WebSites maintains a strong commitment to our Ethical Policy