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Registered Charities receive a 10% discount.

Development process

Ethical WebSites follows a set process that enables us to mesh your requirements to our experience, with the net result that we aim to deliver to you a professional website, on-time and on-budget.

Our process is split into a number of defined stages:

Stage 1: Initial conception
  • You will have made contact with us, and we will begin the process of determining which of our many solutions is most appropriate for your needs.
  • We will work with you to help define your requirements, or where requirements already exist we will offer to review these and make suggestions as to where changes can be made to improve the end result: your website online for the world to see.

Stage 2: requirements clarification and quotation
  • Following the initial consultation we will produce a fully detailed quotation which will state what is to be provided by Ethical WebSites, what is to be provided by you (eg: the site content), the provisional timescale for delivery, and the cost for the work.
  • You will then have opportunity to review the quotation, and suggested changes will be merged into a revised quotation containing an accurate cost of the work and an amended timescale for delivery.
  • At this stage both Ethical WebSites and yourself will be required to sign a contract stating that we will undertake the work for you. The contract will be on our standard terms.

Stage 3: Site mock-up and initial review
  • Upon signature Ethical WebSites will then rapidly produce any mock-ups and site prototypes that are required.
  • Simultaneously, if required Ethical WebSites will discuss with you and register the appropriate domain name and / or hosting arrangements for your site.
  • You will then have opportunity to review the mock-ups and/or prototypes, ask questions and suggest revisions (providing these are within the scope of the contracted requirements), which we will incorporate into a revised mock-up or prototype for you.

Stage 4: Implementation of your site
  • Once agreement is reached regarding the site preview, Ethical WebSites will then undertake all the design and development work required to create your website. At this stage it will be necessary for you to provide all agreed site content, images (except obviously the images that we have agreed will be produced by us) and other collateral (such as Adobe PDF files) required.
  • Ethical WebSites will then apply your initial content to a Beta copy of the site which will be comprehensively tested.
  • At this stage a Beta of your website will be ready for you to review. The Beta will be hosted on a separate account, and be password protected to help ensure that only you can review it.
  • Your review of the Beta is key to the success of the project. Your feedback is greatly appreciated to ensure that the final site delivered meets the agreed requirements.
  • After review, Ethical WebSites will update the Beta site with agreed changes and fixes.
  • You will then have opportunity to review the Release Candidate of the website.
  • After final review, Ethical WebSites will update the Beta site with agreed changes and fixes.

Stage 5: Go live!
  • The site is now ready to go live. With sign-off and your permission we will upload the site to an agreed host (which will have been determined earlier in the project to meet the site requirements)
  • Your site will now be online!
  • At this stage Ethical WebSites will enter into an initial three months of free limited support phase. The option to purchase ongoing and / or more comprehensive support is of course available.
  • Any other contractual requirements such as submission of your site to search engines will be undertaken at this point.

Stage 6: Post-project review
  • Finally, an offer of a post-project review will be made to you. Ethical WebSites is always interested to hear your thoughts on how the project went in order that we may continuously improve our services.

Please contact us for more information.