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Minimum site requirements

Ethical WebSites can arrange your site to be hosted by our preferred service provider. However should you already have a hosting agreement in place we are happy to work with your provider of choice subject to the following minimum site hosting requirements:
  • PHP5 support;
  • 20 megabytes[1] disk space for hosting;
  • Apache[2] mod_rewrite (enabling rewrite;
  • Apache[2] .htaccess
  • FTP upload from any ISP (ie: we will not be able to host with a provider that requires that our ISP account is with that provider in order to access their FTP servers);
  • Provide a dedicated support email address (and ideally non-0900 telephone number);
If you do not know whether your host provides the above do not be put off - we can determine this for you for no charge.

[1] This figure will be significantly higher for larger sites, and / or those requiring Adobe PDF, ZiP, MS Word, MS Excel and other binary filetypes to be stored online.
[2] It is possible for us to host on a server using Microsoft IIS instead of Apache however this may mean certain features provided by Apache are not available.